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Top Reasons for choosing a New Jersey Dog Trainer (Happy Dogs Boarding and Training)

why-us Why is Happy Dogs Boarding and Training the right choice? 

Perhaps your dog pulls on the lead or is aggressive around other dogs. You’ve been burdened by your dog’s behavior, and maybe your dog has even been for training already. Now, you’re ready to take steps to have real trainers teach both you and your dog. Who has the skills to turn your dog into a model citizen? Maybe the thought of leaving for boarding training makes you cringe (no apology necessary, you’re only hurting our feelings a little bit). Your reluctance to take the next step is reasonable. That’s why HDBT is here to give you the knowledge you need to make these decisions.

1) Trained Thousands of Dogs

At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, we’ve seen thousands of dogs through the years and know what factors are important when choosing the right dog trainer. From the quality of the training tools to the dog trainer’s credentials – down to the smallest details of the kennel’s environment, it all plays a role in finding a dog trainer you can trust.  Here things you should look for in a NJ dog trainer.

2) State-of-the-art Dog Training Facility

Our beautiful full service facility, with indoor and outdoor amenities, is owned and operated by professional dog trainers with over 25 years experience. When it comes to our training grounds and tools, we never take shortcuts. Don’t settle for a dog training academy that uses old training equipment and technology. We believe in investing our money back into our school to offer customers the most advanced dog training academy in NJ.

3) Guaranteed Socialization in a Safe Environment

With a firm understanding of “group harmony” and canine psychology, we keep our play groups small, and segregated based on individual temperaments.

Your dog will have a friendly pack of buddies (that do not change!), along with hours of playtime. When the weather is nice, playtime is held outdoors, with plenty of toys, shade, and water… including a doggy pool in the summer months! When the weather is less cooperative, all activities take place in our spacious indoor facility. Our climate controlled building is rubber matted, and equipped with everything you dog wants and needs to have a good time!

We place great emphasis on creating balance- Dogs are social animals that need interaction with humans, as well as other dogs. This social interaction and play keeps your dog fulfilled, and well balanced. Neglecting these needs often leads to pathological behaviors, like destructiveness, anxiety, disobedience, and uncontrolled energy….all signs that your dog is lacking guidance and fulfillment!

4) Top reviews by customers. Top rated dog training…and we’re not bragging!

What is your first thought when using a business?  Google them. Your dog trainer should not be the exception. Online reviews are an honest way to get an unbiased look at what other customers really think of a company. You’ll find Happy Dogs Boarding and Training has highly positive Google reviews. We’ll let our satisfied customers do the talking.


5) Awards and Training

As you’re considering a dog trainer, check out his or her credentials, industry awards and license/insurance certificates. If they ask you to meet them in the park to train or don’t initially evaluate your dog at their facility…run! We highly recommend reading the bios of Lilia Bozzetti and John Soares to understand what truly separates the dog trainers of the world.

6) Licensed and Insured

Thousands of dog trainers put themselves and their clients at risk by not carrying proper insurance and licenses. That’s enough to make anyone leery who is educated on dog training, especially aggressive dogs. When choosing a dog trainer, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that not only is the facility safe, but that it is fully insured and licensed by the state. Insurance is expensive, but we pride ourselves by going the extra mile by running one of the most legitimate dog training academies in NJ.  At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, our focal point is the safety of our guests and are happy to demonstrate our stringent quality and safety standards by inviting you to visit our facility.

7) Locally owned

More and more dog training schools are being set up corporate entities and  being structured out as franchises. Why? Ding, ding ding – you guessed correctly–to make a profit. Some of these franchises have physical places of business, while others operate out of branded trucks. The constant focus on bottom line numbers makes it impossible to provide superior customer service that we strive to maintain on a daily basis. The problem for many dog owners is that they can’t easily tell if a school is corporately owned or not. Always ask questions and do a little research on any dog training school you’re considering using.


8) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Guarantees in the dog training industry are seemingly uncommon, but at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training we put our money on the table.  We stand by our training, but our only request is that you follow our instructions and lessons from your four follow-up training sessions. If your dog gets 15-20 minutes of day of practice, our training is going to last a lifetime.

9) Tick tock, you don’t have time to train your dog

Your time is important, simple as that. But you don’t have time to travel train 1 on 1 for months. HDBT makes dog training convenient. Our board and train program allows owners to leave their dog with us for a set amount of weeks. When the training is completed, we provide our clients with follow-up sessions to reinforce the training curriculum. As they say, time is money — let us do the legwork for you.


10) The Golden Rule

Here’s the bottom line: you want to choose a dog trainer that truly cares about you and your dog. We will address all of your needs and answer every question. We follow-up with your weeks and years after you trained with us just to see how you’re doing. Our dedicated team at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training lives the golden rule 365 days year. We treat your dogs the same way we treat our dogs—how we’d hope to be treated. This sums up why we wake up and do what we do day in and day out. We do it because we care.


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