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1 on 1 Dog Training | Private Dog Training Programs in South Jersey

1 on 1 Dog Training

This is a one-on-one program that, of course, is the deepest way of learning how your dog thinks, and how to obtain the best of his social performance. Being directed by a top trainer in such a focused and personalized way will insure the proper attention to your personal needs, your dog’s breed predispositions and needs, dog’s temperament and disposition. Every issue you are having will be discussed, addressed, and resolved!

Sessions in social situations and with distractions will be organized to insure proper control, and proper manners, in every social situation.

Through the lessons, the owner will learn all about: dogs’ natural behavior – dogs’ natural way of learning – breed characteristics and personal qualities – how to read his body language – dogs’ needs and frustration/related problems – positive reinforcement and dissuasive reinforcement – training collars and training toys – play drive and prey drive: the importance of proper play.

The personal trainer will guide the owner and dog through all the obedience exercises, show you how to obtain, execute, and insure the mannerisms and obedience performance level of the course.

Every Personal Lesson is 60 minutes long, at the owner’s choice of once or twice a week, for a number of weeks, depending on the level of training desired. In this program, lessons can be booked with much freedom and convenience!! One hour of private personalized time results in a lot of learning, and a lot of information!! You’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn, and how well your dog will perform the new tasks and new behaviors we teach them!

• Puppy up-bringing: 4 lessons starting at $400.00. After 5 months, 4 lessons starting at $600.00
• Basic and Advance Obedience, dog temperament evaluation required! Cost determined upon evaluation.
• Free temperament and training evaluation is available by appointment only.

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