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Welcome to the leading provider of dog training services in the bustling city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our elite team of trainers is committed to assisting your furry friend in achieving their fullest potential. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each dog, customizing our approaches to suit their distinct requirements.

We have had the pleasure of training dogs in several areas across Philadelphia, lending our expertise to help them become more obedient, confident, and social. Here are just a few of the neighborhoods where we’ve made a difference:

  1. Rittenhouse Square: Known for its high-end living and vibrant park scene, Rittenhouse Square has been a hotspot for our training programs.
  2. Fishtown: This trendy area, brimming with craft breweries and music venues, is home to many dogs we’ve trained.
  3. University City: The student-friendly area of University City has always welcomed our dog training services.
  4. Chestnut Hill: Renowned for its rich history and architecture, Chestnut Hill has been a fantastic location for our dog training sessions.
  5. Society Hill: We’ve trained numerous dogs in this beautiful, cobblestone-strewn neighbourhood.
  6. Northern Liberties: This contemporary and artistic neighbourhood has seen many successful training sessions.
  7. Fairmount: Home to the iconic “Rocky Steps,” Fairmount is another area where we’ve honed the skills of many dogs.

Please reach out if you’re located in a neighborhood not listed above; we serve the entirety of Philadelphia and are always eager to meet new clients and their K9 friends.

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Common Philadelphia Dog Training Problems Resolved by Our Professional Dog Training Programs

Many dog trainers in Philly seek our expertise to tackle the challenges of training dogs with difficult behavioral problems. 


What Sets Us Apart?

Diverging from conventional dog training methods, we concentrate on balanced reinforcement techniques. These techniques aim not only to rectify unwelcome behavior but also to nurture a bond of trust between you and your pet. Ranging from elementary obedience training for puppies to complex training for mature dogs, we encompass every aspect. Being proficient in dealing with various breeds, we comprehend their distinct characteristics and challenges.

The Significance of Training

Dog training sessions extend beyond merely instructing your pet commands; they play a crucial role in ensuring your dog’s safety, satisfaction, and overall wellbeing. A properly trained dog is less likely to face perilous situations. Training stimulates their intellectual faculties, keeping them gratified and fulfilled. Moreover, it encourages physical health via providing the essential exercise dogs require.

Common Dog Training Issues We’ve Resolved

We’ve encountered and successfully resolved a multitude of dog training issues. Here are a few common ones:

  1. Leash Pulling: Our trainers have helped countless dogs understand the importance of walking calmly on a leash without pulling or tugging.
  2. Excessive Barking: We’ve addressed this issue effectively, training dogs to understand when barking is appropriate and when it’s not.
  3. Jumping Up: Our team has helped train dogs to greet people politely without jumping.
  4. Separation Anxiety: We have extensive experience in assisting dogs to cope with the stress that comes with their owners’ absence.
  5. Aggression: This can be a significant concern for many dog owners, and we’ve successfully trained dogs to manage their aggressive tendencies.
  6. Potty Training: We’ve helped many puppies and older dogs understand the basics of potty training.
  7. Ignoring Commands: We’ve trained dogs to listen to and follow commands, even in distracting environments.
  8. Chewing and Digging: We have solutions for dogs that chew or dig excessively, helping them channel these instincts in a positive way.
  9. Food Guarding: We’ve helped dogs to understand that they don’t need to guard food or resources from humans or other animals.
  10. Fearfulness: Our trainers are skilled at helping dogs overcome fears and build confidence.

All these issues are addressed with the utmost care and precision, understanding that each dog has its unique personality and needs. We strive to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your pet.

Our Dog Training Services

We pride ourselves on offering a range of comprehensive services to meet your dog training needs. Here’s an overview of what we provide:

  1. Board & Train: Our Board & Train program offers an intensive, personalized training experience. Your dog stays with us, learning obedience and good behavior through everyday interaction with our professional trainers.
  2. Private Lessons: Our private lessons provide one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your dog’s specific needs. We focus on addressing individual challenges and reinforcing positive behaviors.
  3. Group Lessons: Ideal for socialization purposes, our group lessons encourage dogs to learn and grow in a supportive communal setting, interacting with other dogs and their owners.
  4. Basic Obedience: Start with the fundamentals. Our Basic Obedience Training equips your dog with essential commands such as ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Come’, ‘Heel’, and more.
  5. Off Leash Obedience: Our Off Leash Obedience training gives your dog the freedom to explore, while ensuring they respond to your commands promptly and reliably, even without a leash.
  6. Behavior Modification: We specialize in Behavior Modification training, addressing specific behavioral challenges such as excessive barking, jumping, digging, and more. Our goal is to transform problematic behaviors into positive ones.
  7. Aggressive Dog Help: If your dog shows signs of aggression, our Aggressive Dog Help service is designed to manage and rectify these tendencies safely and effectively. Our trainers are skilled in providing the necessary guidance and support to both you and your pet.

Each of our services is designed with your dog’s wellbeing in mind, ensuring a balanced and holistic development process. By choosing our services, you are ensuring a happier, healthier, and well-behaved life for your canine companion.

Breed Specific Training

We understand that each breed has its own unique set of characteristics, needs, and challenges. Recognizing this, we offer breed specific training tailored to make the most of your dog’s innate traits while addressing any breed-specific concerns. Whether you have an energetic Labrador that needs to learn self-control, a shy Shih Tzu that could use some confidence building, or a stubborn Beagle who needs help following commands, we have the experience and knowledge to tailor our training techniques to meet your dog’s specific needs. Our trainers are well-versed in the quirks and temperaments of various breeds, and they use this knowledge to provide the most effective training program for your pet. With our breed specific training, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving training that is not just generalized, but specifically designed for them.

Large Breed Dogs We’ve Trained in Philadelphia

We have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of large breed dogs in the Philadelphia area. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  1. Golden Retrievers: These friendly and intelligent dogs are a joy to train. Their willingness to please their owners and their fast learning capability makes the training process a rewarding experience.
  2. Labrador Retrievers: Known for their energy and enthusiasm, Labs can benefit greatly from obedience and off-leash training.
  3. German Shepherds: As one of the most trainable breeds, German Shepherds often excel in our behavior modification and aggressive dog help programs.
  1. Boxers: These energetic and playful dogs often need help with obedience and managing their high energy levels.
  2. Rottweilers: While they can show signs of aggression, our specialized programs have proven effective in handling and training this powerful breed.
  3. Great Danes: Despite their size, Great Danes are generally gentle and friendly, but they can benefit from basic obedience and socialization training.
  4. Bernese Mountain Dogs: These gentle giants are quick learners, making them great candidates for our obedience training programs.
  5. Mastiffs: Mastiffs are calm and gentle, but their size can make them intimidating. Our trainers are skilled in helping Mastiffs become well-behaved and confident.
  6. Doberman Pinschers: These intelligent and loyal dogs do well in our off-leash obedience and behavior modification programs.
  7. Saint Bernards: Known for their gentle nature, Saint Bernards often need help with basic obedience and managing their large size in a respectful manner.

These breeds, each with their unique traits, have all been a part of our training journey in Philadelphia, reflecting our versatility and commitment to providing an all-encompassing dog training service.

Small Breed Dogs We’ve Trained in Philadelphia

We have also worked extensively with a number of small breed dogs in the Philadelphia area. Here are some of the breeds we’ve successfully trained:

  1. French Bulldogs: Known for their playful and affectionate nature, French Bulldogs benefit greatly from our behavior modification and basic obedience programs.
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: These friendly and gentle dogs often excel in our off-leash obedience and group lesson programs.
  3. Pugs: Pugs are known for their stubborn but charming nature. Our trainers specialize in helping Pugs overcome stubbornness with patience and positive reinforcement.
  4. Shih Tzus: Often shy and anxious, Shih Tzus respond well to our confidence building training and socialization programs.
  5. Boston Terriers: These energetic and friendly dogs benefit from our basic obedience and off-leash training, ensuring they are well-mannered and responsive.
  6. Dachshunds: Known for their independent nature, Dachshunds often require specialized behavior modification training, which we are more than equipped to provide.
  7. Maltese: Maltese dogs are gentle and affectionate, but can benefit from socialization and obedience training to help curb any timid or nervous tendencies.
  8. Beagles: While they are small, Beagles are bold and require consistent training. Our trainers are well-versed in techniques to manage their high energy levels and stubbornness.

Each of these small breeds, with their own distinct temperaments and traits, have been part of our training journey in Philadelphia. We’re proud to offer all-encompassing dog training services suited to every breed and size.

Aggressive Breed Dogs We’ve Trained in Philadelphia

While aggression in dogs can be a breed-related trait, it is important to stress that it is not exclusive to certain breeds and can often be the result of upbringing or lack of proper training. Nonetheless, we have worked with several breeds often stereotyped as “aggressive” and have had considerable success in managing and redirecting their aggression. Here are some of the breeds we’ve worked with:

  1. Rottweilers: With a reputation of being a potentially aggressive breed, Rottweilers can be challenging to train. However, our specialized programs have proven effective in handling and training this powerful breed.
  2. Doberman Pinschers: Known for their protective instincts, Dobermans can exhibit signs of aggression if not properly socialized. Our off-leash obedience and behavior modification programs have been effective for many Dobermans.
  3. German Shepherds: German Shepherds are often seen as an aggressive breed due to their protective nature. Our behavior modification and aggressive dog help programs have been successful in managing this breed’s aggression.
  4. Boxers: High energy levels and strong protective instincts can sometimes result in aggressive tendencies in Boxers. Our obedience programs have helped to manage these tendencies and channel their energy in a positive direction.
  5. Bull Terriers: Known for their muscular build and fearlessness, Bull Terriers can sometimes show signs of aggression. However, with our behavior modification training, we’ve been able to help many Bull Terriers become well-behaved companions.
  6. American Staffordshire Terriers: Often misjudged due to their physical similarities with ‘Pit Bulls’, these dogs can display signs of aggression when not properly trained. Our trainers have successfully worked on softening their aggressive tendencies through our specialized programs.
  7. Akita: Akitas are a powerful breed with strong protective instincts, which can lead to aggressive behavior. Our trainers have had considerable success in managing these behaviors and channeling them in a positive manner.

Each of these breeds, despite their reputation, has shown great potential and a capacity for change when given proper guidance and appropriate training methods.

Our Trainers at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training

John Soares

John Soares is one of our most experienced trainers at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, John’s passion, commitment, and ability to connect with dogs of all breeds and temperaments is truly astounding. Not only is he an expert at training dogs, but he also possesses a deep understanding of canine behavior that enables him to tailor training programs to meet the individual needs of each dog and their owners. Whether it’s a stubborn Pug or a high-energy Boxer that needs training, John’s comprehensive and compassionate approach has proven successful time and again.

Lilia Bozzetti

Lilia Bozzetti is another vital member of our training team at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training. With a background in puppy training and over 25 years of experience in dog training, Lilia’s expertise lies in helping new puppy owners get off on the right paw. She has a gentle yet firm approach, earning her the respect and trust of even the most challenging breeds. Lilia believes in the power of positive reinforcement and incorporates this belief into her training methods, which has led to remarkable transformations in the dogs she has worked with. Be it an Italian Greyhound or a timid Maltese, Lilia’s dedicated and patient training methods have consistently yielded positive outcomes.

Philadelphia: A Paradise for Dog Lovers

Philadelphia is a dream city for dog owners. With a multitude of parks and attractions that are pet-friendly, there are plenty of spaces for your dog to socialize and explore. For example, the renowned Fairmount Park provides ideal trails for walking your dog and areas for your pet to play and interact.

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From the very first session, John displayed a deep understanding and knowledge of canine behavior. He took the time to assess my dog’s individual needs and created a customized training plan that addressed specific behavioral challenges we were facing.

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