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Certified Nose Work Dog Training | Nose Work Training Programs in South Jersey

IMG_3320K9 Nose Work is a relatively new sport based on K9 police detection work, and is spreading through out the country.  Dogs are encouraged to use and develop their natural scenting abilities in fun and rewarding searches.

K9NW builds confidence and provides mental stimulation.

It is NOT physically challenging so dogs of any age or breed (including mixed breeds) can participate. Even handicapped dogs can enjoy this sport!

People with limited mobility can also  partake – no running or jumping is necessary.

Reactive dogs are welcome as long as they are not reactive to people.

K9NW has 4 elements/searches: interiors, exteriors, vehicles and containers.  If you’ve ever seen detection work and have thought “My dog can do that!” or wondered if your dog could do that, here is your chance to find out!

There are 3 levels of classes: 

  1. Introduction to Nose Work – your dog learns to hunt for food or a toy and you learn to  read your dogs reactions.
  2. Introduction to Odor – you pair food with specific odors that are used in the searches.
  3. Continuing  Nose Work – additional odors are introduced as well as more challenging searches.

K9NW can be done just for fun or competition, but any time you spend working with your dog will improve your relationship, deepen bonding and create focus and attention.


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