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Welcome to the ultimate hub for dog training services nestled in the picturesque region of North Jersey. Our squad of professional trainers is committed to guiding your canine companion toward their highest potential. We appreciate the distinct characteristics of each dog, and we shape our methods to fit their individual requirements.

Why Choose a Dog Trainer in North Jersey?

In contrast to typical dog training services, we concentrate on balanced reinforcement techniques that not only rectify unwanted behaviour but also cultivate a trust-based relationship between you and your furry companion. From fundamental obedience training for pups to advanced training for mature dogs, we’ve got it all. We’re skilled in dealing with various breeds, understanding their unique traits and challenges.

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Common North Jersey Near You Dog Training Problems Fixed by Professional Dog Training Programs

Many dog trainers in Northern NJ seek our expertise to tackle the challenges of training dogs with difficult behavioral problems. 


At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, we are dedicated to resolving a wide range of dog training issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Aggression: Aggression towards other dogs, animals, or people can be a serious issue. Our trainers have expertise in handling aggressive behaviours effectively.
  2. Separation Anxiety: Many dogs experience distress when left alone. We teach coping mechanisms to address this issue.
  3. Excessive Barking: We provide training to control unnecessary and disruptive barking.
  4. Leash Pulling: Dogs often pull on the leash during walks, which can become a challenging issue. We train dogs to walk politely on leash.
  5. Jumping Up: We help correct the habit of dogs jumping up on people.
  6. Ignoring Commands: If your dog doesn’t listen or respond to commands, we can help reinforce obedience training.
  7. Destructive Chewing: We can help curb your dog’s destructive chewing habits by teaching appropriate chew toy behaviors.
  8. House Training Issues: Problems with potty training? We offer solutions to ensure your dog understands where it’s appropriate to eliminate.

No matter what training issues you’re facing with your dog, we’re here to help guide you and your furry friend towards a harmonious life together.

Breed-Specific Training at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training

At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, we firmly believe that understanding the breed-specific characteristics of every dog we train is crucial to the process. Each breed comes with its unique traits, behaviors, and instincts, which can significantly influence their learning style and response to training techniques. By recognizing these unique aspects, our trainers can tailor training methods to fit individual dogs, thereby ensuring more successful and effective results. This breed-specific approach truly sets our training services apart, as we strive to bring out the best in every canine, regardless of breed. Remember, successful training isn’t just about commands and obedience—it’s about understanding and respecting who our dogs are at their core, down to their breed specifics.

Popular Breeds We Train in North New Jersey

At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, we are experts in handling a diverse range of dog breeds. Here are some of the most popular breeds we train:

  1. Labrador Retrievers: Known for their friendly nature, Labrador Retrievers are intelligent and eager to please, making them a pleasure to train.
  2. Golden Retrievers: Goldens are full of energy and affection. They are quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement techniques.
  3. German Shepherds: A versatile and intelligent breed, German Shepherds require consistent and patient training due to their protective nature.
  4. Beagles: Though sometimes stubborn, Beagles are known for their curiosity and cleverness, making them an interesting breed to train.
  5. Bulldogs: Bulldogs are calm and friendly, and while they can be a bit slow to learn new commands, they respond well to patient and consistent training.
  6. Yorkshire Terriers: These small dogs are full of personality. They require gentle yet firm training.
  7. Boxers: Energetic and playful, Boxers need consistent guidance and plenty of exercise.
  8. Poodles: Known for their intelligence and elegance, Poodles are quick learners and excel in obedience training.
  9. Rottweilers: Strong and loyal, Rottweilers require early socialization and firm, consistent training.
  10. Siberian Huskies: These dogs are known for their endurance and independence. They require firm training and plenty of exercise.

We’re ready to bring out the best in your best friend, regardless of their breed or temperament.

The Significance of Training

Training sessions go beyond teaching your dog mere commands; they are crucial for your dog’s safety, joy, and overall well-being. A well-trained dog is less likely to stumble into hazardous situations. Training mentally engages them, keeping them cheerful and satisfied. It also enhances physical health by supplying the necessary exercise dogs require.

Our Dog Training Services in Northern New Jersey

At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, we offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of every dog and owner. Our services include:

  1. Board & Train: This program allows your dog to stay with us for a period of time, during which we will conduct intensive training sessions to address any behavioral issues and work on obedience training.
  2. Private Lessons: These are one-on-one sessions with a professional trainer, designed to focus on specific training goals or behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing.
  3. Group Training: These sessions are aimed at socializing your dog and teaching them to behave well around other dogs and people.
  4. Basic Obedience: This service covers fundamental commands like sit, stay, come, lie down, and more. It’s perfect for new dog owners or puppies just starting their training journey.
  5. Off Leash Obedience: This advanced level training is designed to ensure your dog behaves well even without a leash, providing them more freedom while ensuring they stay safe.
  6. Behavior Modification: This service is for dogs with specific behavioral issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking etc. We use various strategies and techniques to modify and improve negative behaviors.
  7. Aggressive Dog Help: Our trainers are skilled at handling dogs with aggression issues. We work closely with these dogs and their owners to manage and mitigate aggressive behaviors, fostering a safer, more harmonious environment.

Our team is here to provide the support, guidance, and tools you need to enhance your bond with your dog and make your life together more enjoyable.

Meet Our Trainers

At Happy Dogs Boarding and Training, our trainers are the backbone of our operations, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to our services.

John Soares: John is our Head Trainer with over 30 years of professional dog training experience. Known for his patience and intuitive understanding of K9 behavior programs in North Jersey, John specializes in behavior modification and aggression issues. He is an award-winning dog trainer and competed and won at the highest levels in competitive dog competitions.

Lilia Bozzetti: Lilia is an expert in puppy training and basic obedience. With her playful approach to training, she knows how to make sessions engaging and fun for both puppies and their owners. Lilia specializes in puppy upbringing programs at HDBT.

Our team is dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each dog, providing tailored training solutions and a supportive environment for both dogs and their owners. Our trainers’ expertise, along with their genuine love for dogs, ensures a positive and impactful training experience at Happy Dogs Boarding and Training.

North Jersey: A Dog-Lover’s Haven

North Jersey is a dream come true for dog owners. Teeming with parks and attractions that are pet-friendly, your dog will have ample opportunities for socialization and discovery. For example, the renowned Liberty State Park provides trails ideal for dog walks and space for your pet to frolic and interact.

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Breed-Specific Training

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I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional dog training services provided by John Soares. His expertise and dedication have transformed my furry friend’s behavior, and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

From the very first session, John displayed a deep understanding and knowledge of canine behavior. He took the time to assess my dog’s individual needs and created a customized training plan that addressed specific behavioral challenges we were facing.

This is just one of the hundreds of glowing reviews from our satisfied customers!


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