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Known for its rich historical tapestry, Bergen County, NJ, boasts a vibrant past that dates back to its establishment in 1683. As one of the earliest settlements in the state, it was originally home to the Lenape Native Americans before Dutch colonists began to lay the foundations of what would become a bustling hub of trade and agriculture. Bergen County’s strategic location near the Hudson River facilitated early economic development and it quickly became a nexus of various cultural influences, both indigenous and European.

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During the American Revolution, Bergen County was a theater for military operations, espionage, and significant battles. Owing to its proximity to New York City, it served as an essential route for troops and communications. The diverse demographic landscape we see today was shaped by waves of immigration throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with communities celebrating roots from all over the world. Present-day Bergen County not only reflects a storied past but also a demographic mosaic, with a population of over 930,000 as of the latest U.S. Census, making it the most populous county in New Jersey.

Notable Residents

Bergen County has been home to numerous prominent individuals who have left their mark in various fields. Its list of notable residents includes legendary performers such as singer Frank Sinatra and actress Meryl Streep, both of whom spent formative years in the area. In the realm of literature, the county boasts Pulitzer Prize-winning poet William Carlos Williams. The sports world recognizes Bergen County for its nurturing of professional athletes like soccer star Christie Pearce Rampone. Furthermore, it has served as a residence for influential political figures, notably former Vice President Aaron Burr. These luminary figures highlight the rich tapestry of talent and influence that Bergen County has contributed to the fabric of American culture and history.

Happy Dogs Boarding and Training has earned a reputation as a premier celebrity dog trainer in Bergen County, attracting pet owners who demand the highest level of care and expertise for their canine companions. Drawing on innovative training techniques and a deep understanding of animal behavior, our services have become the go-to solution for discerning clients, including high-profile celebrities and influencers. As such, we often find our name associated with top-notch dog training, along with words like “elite dog training in Bergen County” and “reputable canine coaching.” Our commitment to excellence and the visibility of our satisfied celebrity clients have helped solidify our position at the forefront of the dog training industry, making Happy Dogs Boarding and Training synonymous with quality and success in the realm of dog training.

Are You in Bergen County New Jersey? Do You Need Dog Training?

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The science of dog training is both complex and nuanced, grounded in a blend of behavioral psychology, ethology, and neuroscience. At the heart of modern training methods is the principle of operant conditioning, an approach developed by B.F. Skinner in the mid-20th century. This technique revolves around the concept of reinforcement – whether positive or negative – to modify a dog’s behavior. Positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, is often emphasized for its effectiveness and ethical approach to enhancing a pet’s learning experience.

In addition to operant conditioning, classical conditioning – first demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov – is also crucial in dog training. It involves creating associations between two stimuli, typically by connecting a neutral signal with a significant event, like associating a clicker sound with a forthcoming reward. This associative learning helps trainers in shaping desired behaviors and responses in dogs.

Understanding canine body language and social cues is another scientific aspect of training, allowing trainers to interpret and predict behaviors, ensuring effective communication and a deeper bond between the pet and the owner. Furthermore, training applies the science of learning theory, which posits that behavior can be changed over time with consistent guidance and repetition.

Beyond the scientific techniques and theories, dog training is also an art form requiring intuition, patience, creativity, and a personalized touch. Each dog’s unique personality, breed-specific traits, and individual experiences require trainers to artfully adapt their approach. Thus, dog training is a harmonious blend of science and art, each enhancing the effectiveness of the other, and together they form the backbone of an exceptionally trained canine companion.

Bergen County New Jersey Dog Training and Obedience Training

Don’t wait another day to transform the relationship between you and your beloved canine. The bond you share with your dog is precious, and it’s crucial to nurture it with the expertise it deserves. Whether you’re struggling with behavioral issues, trying to instill obedience, or aiming to teach new tricks, Happy Dogs Boarding and Training is here for you. We understand the urgency of addressing training needs promptly for the well-being of both you and your dog.

Take the first step towards a harmonious partnership with your pet. Call us now at (856) 783-4042 to schedule your evaluation, and start your journey towards a happier, healthier, and well-behaved companion. The path to a deeper connection with your dog begins with a single call—make that change today!

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michael Quigley Jrmichael Quigley Jr
01:24 10 Dec 23
I want to thank John Soares and his staff, for their remarkable training with our 5 year old German Shepherd, Duke. Prior to training with John Soares, my wife found Duke to be unmanageable when walking Duke outside. Duke became Dog Aggressive. Duke's tugging and barking had to be addressed.Having trained with John Soares years ago with success, I had total confidence, John and his excellent experienced staff would correct Dukes behavior. After John evaluated Dukes behavior, John explained to my wife and I in great detail, why Duke behaved in this manner. John designed a custom training plan to aid in Dukes training. Understand, No two dogs are alike.With Johns advice, my wife and I scheduled Duke for a Board and Stay Training. On a frequent basis during Dukes stay, John sent use training videos of Dukes improvement. John always maintain open lines of communication.After completing Dukes stay, John did a series of one on one training sessions with Duke, both my wife and I. The results were positive and enlightening.Both my wife and I applaud John Soares and his excellent and experience training staff with working with Duke. Having worked as a volunteer in a local kennel, I seen to many dogs surrendered for this type of behavior. I knew if anyone could correct this behavior, John Soares could.There are dog trainers and then there is John Soares. The teacher of trainers. Johns knowledge and experience with canines must be recognized as Outstanding. John has a God given Gift with training and communicating with Mans Best Friend.Both my wife and I highly recommend John Soares and no other.John with out doubt is a FIVE STAR TRAINER an a Great Guy!!!
Jah GJah G
01:48 26 Nov 23
Our 1 year old GSD just finished his board and train. We cannot say enough great things about John and his training. I mean just look at his history! You can immediately tell his passion for this is genuine. We cannot recommend him enough. Our Echo had a tough life before us. We all believe he was not dumped, but he was an escape artist and they forgot to microchip him on time. With that, he did not know proper manners. After the shelter found him as a stray, he was adopted and then surrendered THREE times by THREE different families. All because he lacked obedience, which was never his fault. John has not only trained Echo, but also trains us so that we are setting him up for continued success. We will definitely be continuing training with him. Thank you John and your team for taking great care of our boy.
Doodle DogDoodle Dog
18:27 06 Nov 23
Excellent! Worth the wait! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending!
02:20 12 Sep 23
There is no enough what I can say about john and his knowladge and patient to teach you and your dog,no 1.
Melissa (Mel725)Melissa (Mel725)
18:27 13 Oct 22
Highly recommend!!! John is amazing at training. He and the entire staff have gone above and beyond to ensure our dog was properly trained. He provided clear instructions and responded promptly to any of our questions. We are forever grateful to John and his team. Our dog is so much better at walking— no more pulling me or dragging me across neighbors lawns or chasing squirrels!!! . Again I highly recommend this place for any dog training needs. You will not be disappointed! Thank you John!
19:24 05 Sep 22
We highly recommend John as a trainer! After interviewing many trainers in for our 18-month old Rottweiler, and after he evaluated our dog, we though that John was the best at setting our expectations for her training, putting in practical terms what goals we could achieve and how we would get there. Our dog spent 5 weeks with John and we are really happy with her training. John not only trained our dog but the 4 post-board training sessions with us and our dog, trained us how to handle her as well. We found John to be really observant correcting our body language and verbal cues, explaining to us what our dog’s perspective is. This helped us to adjust our routines with her at home and proof his training. We look forward to her next training session with him as we make progress together!

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