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Dog Training Services | Obedience Training Programs Mount Laurel

For puppies 8 to 16 weeks, we offer private sessions. For older puppies, or young adults (age 5 months to 7 months) there are 3 different programs: Classes, Private lessons and Campus Training. For adult Dogs over 12 months, an evaluation is needed, and Private lessons or Campus Training might be the only options.

• All group Classes and Private Lessons are held in our indoor (heated/air -conditioned) facility.

• You can work with one of our HD trainers in a guided class setting, or in private lessons. They will help you learn the correct language require to interact with your dog in a way they comprehend. Your HD trainer will also use different exercises to insure proper social mannerisms that satisfy your dog’s social and instinctive needs. We help you to better understand you dog’s basic behavior and necessities.

Each one of our trainers have over ten years’ of experience in most relevant techniques in Dog Training. They are individually specialized in various training areas and techniques.

• Cost for Private Training: Starting at $600.00
• Number of Lessons: 4
• This course includes theory and practice of the following topics:
Resolution of the house problematics, such as potty training, crate training, and socialization.
Dog-to-dog and dog-to-human socialization: From the dog’s point of view, and how to find a compromise between our needs, and the dog’s natural sociability.
Play drive/prey drive: Development of the right way to play with your dog, and development of pack drive and attachment to the handler.
Neutralization with their environment and confidence build up.
Imprinting of the basic obedience commands. Mannerism: no jumping up, no nipping, no pulling.

Group Classes:
Dogs must be evaluated.
• Cost for group classes course $200.00. Classes have up to 8/10 Dogs.
• Number of classes: 7 (first class is Orientation — No-dogs!).

Private Training:
• Cost for Private Training $300.00 for 4 one-hour intensive sessions. Possibility of proceeding in group in 4 lessons, depending on level of growth, and training desired.

Campus Training:
• Campus/Training (2/3 weeks of staying at facility and 4 follow-up sessions) for dogs 5 to 7 months, with no aggression problems, contact us. For dogs over 10 months, or with aggression problems, evaluation is required, and price and program will be evaluated.
• This course include theory and practice of the following topics:
Play drive/ prey drive: how to properly play with your dog in the best way to meet instincts satisfaction and unload drives.
How to teach through play: out, come and bring.
Leash mannerisms: no pulling, no jumping, up, and relax walk.
Attention to the handler, heel, sit and sit/stay, down, down stay, come.

• Off leash Obedience is done by Private lesson and Campus/Training only.
• Dogs must have completed the Basic Obedience.
• The course includes all the basic obedience exercises: heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and come, entirely off-leash.
• The training will start in an indoor facility, and will end in outdoor facility.**

Please Note:
**We discourage all our clients from going for walks with the dog off-leash, but, the off leash training will give you greater control and response in all those situations where the dog is free; like in the house, in the back yard, and in dogs exercise areas.


An open mind, a positive attitude, a 6′ leash, a “fur-saver” or any metal collar of your choice, and a pocket full of soft treats. Comfortable shoes and clothing are suggested. For personal training programs, you are also required to bring are 2 balls with a string, and 2 jute toys. (For your convenience training equipment is available for purchase or ordered at our facility).

• Payments due in-full at sign-up, no refunds after 1st lesson.
• We do not refund missed lessons!

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