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Our CORE values set the standard in professional dog training
Award winning dog trainer in NJIn our team of dog trainers, we have two internationally recognized professionals who compete at the highest levels of the sport — Schutzhund/IPO, AKC, FCI, AWDF, etc. I mean, the list truly goes on and on. We have won dozens of awards in dog training and participated as judges and training directors for entities including Tri-State Doberman Club, Alpha Schutzhund Club, and North Jersey Dog Sport Club.

We’ve won many of the toughest competitions in the dog sport world when you put us up against other internationally recognized trainers. We take dog training very seriously. We’re all perfectionists in making sure our dogs are well taken care of and have the love, knowledge, and communication to succeed in training.

Happy Dogs Boarding and Training has a team of trainers that carries an impressive list of credentials to say the least. A key characteristic that separates us from others is that we all have specific scopes of dog training that we are passionate about.  If you ask any Happy Dogs Boarding and Training member, they will tell you that we strive to be the nation’s best boarding training program.

Some of their credentials include:

  • 2009 Certified Helper, Belgian Malinois (FCI – Italy)
  • 2009 Certified Regional Level Helper (USA)
  • Working Judge, certified by the Federation American Bulldog
  • Helper and handler in Schutzhund/IPO
  • Decoy and handler in French Ring
  • Personal protection and police decoy
  • Trainer for dogs in accelerates, search and rescue and narcotics
  • Training director position in USA (Alpha Schutzhund Club)
  • Training director position in Europe (Zebul Club)
  • Training director position in USA (Tri-State Doberman Club)
  • Training director position in USA (North Jersey Dog Sport Club)
  • FCI helper (certified in Europe)
  • Former Working Dog Sport judge (AKC)

Published Articles:
La Soria di Paco (Paco’s Story) Work Dogs Magazine N°103 Marzo 2001
Il Gioco (The Play) Work Dogs Magazine N°105 Maggio 2001
Puppy Up-Bringing Work Dogs Magazine 107/108 Luglio 2001
Istinti ed effetti collaterali (Instincts and Side effects) Work Dogs Magazine N°109 Settembre 2001
Questi famigerati Super-Cani (The Notorious Super-Dogs) Work Dogs Magazine N°110 Ottobre 2001
Sensi, Super-Sensi, Exra-Sensi Work Dogs Magazine N°113 Gennaio 2002
L’Attenzione (The Attention) Work Dogs Magazine N°114 Febbraio 2002
Il Branco parte prima (The Pack part 1) Work Dogs Magazine N°115 Marzo 2002
Il Branco parte seconda (The Pack part 2) Work Dogs Magazine N°116 Aprile 2002
Razze a confronto: Pastore Tedesco e Cane Corso (A breed confrontation: German Shepherd and Cane Corso) Work Dogs Magazine N°119/120 Luglio 2002


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