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Laurel Springs, NJ Dog Boarding Services

We like to be able to offer the personal time and attention each one of our customer’s deserve, so pick-up, drop-off, visits, and training evaluations must be booked on an appointment basis only. When you call to book your pet vacation, you’ll be asked the drop-off and pick-up time.

Comfort and Convenience: Our boarding facility provides a comfortable and convenient space for dogs. Our climate-controlled environment ensures that pets are not too hot or cold, making them feel at home.

Personalized Care: We provide personalized care to dogs based on their unique needs, including special diets, medication, and exercise requirements. Every pet receives individual attention.

Experienced Staff: Our experienced staff is well-trained in handling pets and ensuring their safety and comfort. They work with animals every day and have an innate understanding of animal behavior.

Cleanliness and Hygiene: Our facility is regularly cleaned and sanitized to ensure the health and hygiene of your dog(s). We maintain high standards of cleanliness to keep your pets free from diseases and infections.

Playtime and Socialization (Friendly Boarding package): We offer playtime and socialization activities to keep your pets mentally and physically stimulated. We have plenty of toys, games, and activities to keep your pets engaged.

Security Measures: Our facility is equipped with CCTV cameras and other security measures to ensure the safety of your dogs. We have on-site staff 24/7 to monitor your pets and any unusual activity.

Additional Services: We offer additional services such as grooming, spa treatments, and training, which can be scheduled during your pet's stay. You can opt for these services to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Affordable Pricing: Our boarding facility offers competitive pricing that is affordable and value for money. We believe in providing quality services at reasonable prices.

Simply Boarding

Boarding in our climate-controlled facility.


Friendly Boarding

Includes 1 potty walk + single playtime.


House Boarding

Appropriate for small dogs and depends on the dog. Your dog stays in our trainer’s home.


Vacation Immersion Program (VIP)

VIP lifestyle experience where your dog stays with a trainer and goes on outdoor adventures as a form of experiential learning.  Minimum six-night stay.


Add-on: Medication or Personal Needs

We have the ability to accommodate with administering medication and personal needs.


Add-on: Extra Walk

Want your pup to have an additional walk during their stay with us? No Problem.


Add-on: Boarding & Training Touch-ups

Touch-up / refresher training for graduates of our Board & Train programs


Dog Boarding in Laurel Springs, NJ

Our Kennel is a small, peaceful, family operated facility that boasts a high standard of professionalism, and knowledge. Here, you’ll find all that your dog needs for his/her learning experience, as well as his/her vacation away from you. As dog trainers, we are very attentive to the psychological of our doggie/guests. We know that personal care and attention are far more important than fancy uniforms and flat screen TV’s.

Our facility offers single accommodations in different sizes for different size dogs. Each kennel has an indoor heated/air-conditioned space, and a larger outdoor space. When the weather allows, dogs are free to go in and out as they please.

Please note that these kennels house our personal dogs. These top sporting dogs are our “babies”, and have prestigious working titles, including championships. These are extremely valuable animals, both sentimentally, and monetarily; the kennel requires our full attention, and we have strict restrictions regarding hygiene, vaccinations, and parasite prevention.

Please read our Boarding Requirements on this page for more information.

Extras, Special Care, and Add-ons

Leash walks, play time, and socialization time are available for an additional charge. Training touch-ups during boarding are available, for an additional charge as well, but only if the dog has trained with before.

Meals and diets can be personalized, with gourmet meals of your choice. From raw, to semi-raw diet, to cooked rice, veggies, and chicken… all of these options are available to your dog for an additional fee!

Medications and any medical needs must be disclosed to us at reservation time. (Additional fees might be discussed, depending on the amount of medications and personal care your dog requires.

Laurel Springs Boarding Requirements:

  • Reservation is guaranteed only after a copy (mail, fax, e-mail or drop-off) of up-to-date vaccination records has been received.
  • The dog has to be up-to-date with all vaccinations when checking-in, even if a non-updated shot record was accepted for reservation. Proof of updated vaccinations is mandatory to be checked in. Vaccinations required are: Rabies and DAPP and, although it is not mandatory, we recommend you vaccinate your pet for Bordatella for boarding purposes.
  • From April 1st to October 1st, dogs must be treated for fleas and ticks before check-in. You can request it be done on site, for an additional charge. Any dog found carrying fleas and ticks will be isolated, and treated at the owner’s expense. The owner will be charged for treatment as well as a “special-care” fee of $30.00 for time and isolation care.

Dog Boarding Tips

We encourage owners to stop in (maybe to drop off shot records for reservation) and bring the dog(s) to meet us before boarding time. Very sensitive dogs might benefit from more than one visit. We will do our best to find some time to smooch with your pooch so she/he will feel more comfortable when left with us. Call in advance for an appointment.

Bring his/hers own bedding. On request, at night time, we may be able to supply bedding for our guests. However, they are much more comfortable if their surroundings smell familiar. We are not responsible for damaged or destroyed bedding, but will do our best to monitor the behavior and, if necessary, for the dog’s safety, take the bedding away.

We offer personalized diets for our doggie-guests, and provide choices in feeding. Our Gourmet Meals menu offers choices like a raw or semi-raw meat diet, or adding cooked meat and/or rice to dry food. Note, we recommend the dog stays on his/her regular diet. Changing diet, especially in a situation where some stress is already present, often causes diarrhea resulting in more stress for the animal. The best way to go about it is to bring in enough of the food you are currently feeding at home to cover the length of your dog’s stay (unless your dog already eats ProPlan or Instinct which we carry). We will provide some “add-ins”, at your request, of cooked meat and/or rice, to make meals more enjoyable, at an additional charge. (Raw or semi-raw diets are only for dogs already eating raw). Adding some “goodies” to the normal diet doesn’t normally bother the dog (if it does, we will stop and go back to the usual diet) but it will make him/her more comfortable in a new place, and more eager to eat… despite the normal loss of appetite that can be caused by a change in environment.

Check-out is 10:30 am. Pets picked up after 10:30 am will be charged the full-day rate. Happy Dogs Boarding and Training charges by the day; the first day of boarding is charged at a full rate, regardless the drop-off time. Additionally, drop-off and pick-up times are available on an appointment basis.


Yearly pricing


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