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Barbara J. Silverstein, NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor

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Barbara J. Silverstein

Barbara J. Silverstein

Pet Therapy & Certified Nose Work Instructor

I have been involved with dog training and pet therapy since 1974.  I have taken numerous courses and workshops in Animal Behavior and Operant conditioning, using clicker training and positive reinforcement to achieve success.

I have owned, trained and competed with German Shepherd Dogs, a Bouvier, and Italian Greyhounds, but have worked with many different breeds in my puppy, obedience and agility classes.

Before retiring from agility competition in Jan. 2013, I served as Training Director of the Keystone Agility Club in 2008 and 2009, and   was also Trial Chairperson of KAC from 2009 -2013, running 2-4 trials each year including several regional events.

In April 2015, I completed the K9 Nose Work Certification Program with NACSW, the National Assoc. of Canine Scent Work.   I am a CNWI, Certified Nose Work Instructor.  I am currently training my GSD Fane NW1, and IG Shai NW2 and GSD Rina 1.5 yrs old, who passed her ORT for all odors.  I have been teaching K9NW classes since August, 2014.  

I have also been involved with Pet Therapy and have been a Tester/Observer for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs(previously TDInc), since 1994 and am a Coordinator of South Jersey Loving Paws, a Pet Therapy network serving Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties.

NACSW Instructor Certificate 4/1/2015

Agility Instructor Certificate 8/97 White Mt. Agility School

Workshops/Camps: Say Yes Dog Training/Susan Garrett

Workshops/Camps: Kinetic Dogs/Mary Ellen Barry

Employment: 37 + years of teaching K-8 public school

Educaton: Glassboro State College:

BA – Special Education

MA – Reading Teacher , Rdg Specialist, Rdg Supervisor

Wilson Reading System Level II Certified